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Lewis and Irene | North Pole

It’s a North Pole adventure! Find Santa’s house on the map, follow the footprints in the snow of Santa, his reindeer and an excited, twirling elf! There’s a little nod to the 1950’s with the vintage colours and some super stockings with an envelope for your Santa letter. Bunting flags and an advent calendar complete the collection.

Come and have fun with us at the … North Pole

Lewis & Irene - Vintage Santa (C14)

Part number: C14
Available in Icy Blue and Icy Silver.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Santa Squares (C11)

Part number: C11
Available in Snow and Festive Red.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - North Pole Compass (C12)

Part number: C12
Available in Elf Green.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Santa Map (C13)

Part number: C13
Available in 3 colours - Snow, Parchment and Dark Silver.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Excited Elf Footprints (C15)

Part number: C15
Available in 2 colours - Snow and Festive Red.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - North Pole Stockings (C22)

Part number: C22
Available in 2 colours - Parchment and Green.
  • £7.00

Lewis & Irene - North Pole Advent Calendar (C24)

Part number: C24
Available in 2 colours - Ice Blue and Latte.
  • £7.00
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