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Other Fabrics

Along with Craft Cotton Fabrics, we also stock a range of other fabrics for making clothes, blankets and other things. Our other fabrics include cotton oxford, jersey, towelling, chiffon, canvas, cotton sateen etc.
Please bear with us as we add to this range.

Michael Miller | Fairy Frost Glitter Fabric

Fairy Frost glitter fabrics available in a variety of colours!
  • £3.50

Moda | Brushed Dots

Part number: 17909
Available in Pink.
  • £3.00

Moda | Brushed Solid

Part number: 7521
Available in Pink.
  • £3.00

Moda | Brushed Stripe

Part number: 17905
Available in Yellow.
  • £3.00

Moda | Brushed Highways Byways

Part number: 17903
Available in Natural.
  • £3.00

Moda | Brushed Fun Friends

Part number: 17902
Available in Pink.
  • £3.00

Moda | Brushed Play Day

Part number: 17901
Available in Natural.
  • £3.00

Italian Heavyweight cotton (Wide width)

Available in 2 colours: blue and cream, and brown and cream.
  • £2.25

John Louden - Wide width cotton

Available in brown.
  • £1.75

Cotton Sateen (108" Wide)

Nutex 100% Cotton sateen fabric. Approx 108" wide.
  • £4.00
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