Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis & Irene | Panthera

Lions, Tigers, Jaguar and Leopards all belong to the Panthera genus and share an anatomical structure that allows them to roar! Our collection of exotic fabrics is sure to bring out your wild space, with a kaleidoscope of majestic cats, tropical jungle prints and a fabulous metallic tiger face…

Lewis & Irene - Tiger Tiger

Part number: A329
Available in 3 colours: White, Red and Black.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Tiger Face (Copper Metallic)

Part number: A330
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Green and Black.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Panthera

Part number: A331
Available in Light Green.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Jungle Fern

Part number: A332
Available in 3 colours: White, Light Green and Light Jade.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Little Big Cats

Part number: A333
Available in 3 colours: Lion Yellow, Pink and Tiger Orange.
  • £3.12
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