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PDS Software for Zoje Pattern Sewers

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PDS is pattern-making software special for programmable sewing machines. This software have many superior operating functions and expands the creation range of the pattern for programmable sewing machines, by combining this software with the pattern-making technology for embroidery control system.
With the plenty operation methods and the powerful application tools, the PDS provides support to the pattern-designing of the complicated shapes that requires accurate control because it provides models of commonly-used complicated patterns for the users. Thus, it greatly waives the working on calculating and designing the related patterns.

PDS Software features:
- preparing patterns from basis (for example based on graphics)
- suitable for bartacking, button sewing, buttonholing, template and pattern sewing machines, and zig zag series,
- the function of sewing letters in many kinds of languages,
- to insert objects at any position of the stitch form point,
- easy for user to edit the pattern,
- improve the sewing efficiency by creating ergonomic projects,
- provide users an expandable model base, which contains a lot of pattern models, such as the patterns of bartacking sewing, the patterns of button sewing and the patterns of button hole,
- file format compatibility (which can be opened on PDS): DHP, DST, DSB, 6-9, VDT, DXF, PLT, VDTD, 3LD files, and also JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG,
- saving file as: DHP, DST, DSB, 6-9, 0-5, VDT, BIN, DXF, VDTD and 3LD,
- system operation: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8; 32 bit or 64 bit. 

It is not suitable to be installed on Linux or MacOS.

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