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Plastic Snap Pliers with soft grip handle

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Plastic Snap Pliers with soft grip handle for use with Hemline Plastic Snaps size 20 (T5) 

Perfect for baby bibs, diapers, childrens clothing and apparel accessories.
Also good for soft furnishings such as cushions, quilt covers, crafts and bags. 

Pre-installed with plastic die and metal shank perfect for size 20 (T5) plastic snaps. 
For plastic snaps only. Not for metal snaps.
Test first on scrap fabric to ensure snap size suits fabric weight. 
Handle with care. Keep away from children. 

1. Select the four pieces needed for each snap - 2 caps, a stud (male), and a socket (female) section.
2. Mark placement with fabric pen and push the prong of the cap through or use and awl to make a hole in the fabric then push the prong through.
3. Place the socket (female) over the prong with the spoke side down. Place the fabric in the pliers with the outer snap cap sitting snugly in the centre of the black die of the pliers.
4. Squeeze the handles, applying adequate pressure to compress the centre prong. 
5. Repeat the above for the stud (male) with the little gripper nodules on the stud facing down towards the prong.
6. The snaps are correctly applied if you hear a 'snap' when closing them.

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