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Radiance By Makower

Radiance by Makower, is a modern and vibrant new collection designed by Beth Studley based around antique crochet and lace. The addition of colour to the traditionally monotone lace outlines gives a radiance and depth beyond it’s roots. The strippy stripe is reflective of old lace trimmings and can be used in this way to embellish clothing, decorate projects or cut up to create modern strip quilts. The uses are endless….

Strippy Stripe

Part number: F200004
Cotton Fabric with Stripy Pattern
  • £2.75

Makower Fabric - Doodle Burst

Part number: F150286
Cotton Fabric with Circle Bursts
  • £2.75

Makower Fabric - Stripe

Part number: F150288
Cotton Fabric with Circle Stripes
  • £2.75

Makower Fabric - Radiance stars

Part number: 1681
Radiance stars 100% cotton fabric by Makower.
  • £2.75
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