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Lewis & Irene | Small Things...World Animals

This seasons ‘Small Things’ takes a trip around the world! North American, African, Asian and South American animals are on these sweet small designs. There are favourites such as bears, lions, pandas and sloths and more unusual little creatures like the slow loris and platypus!
Small Things … World Animals

Lewis & Irene - North American Animals

Part number: SM22.1
Available in 3 colours: White, Soft Blue and Soft Red.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Australian Animals

Part number: SM23
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Soft Eucalyptus, and Outback Ochre.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - African Animals

Part number: SM24
Available in 2 colours: Earth and Safari Green.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Asian Animals

Part number: SM25
Available in 3 colours: Light Tiger, Light Bamboo Green and Grey.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - South American Animals

Part number: SM26
Available in 3 colours: Blue, Rainforest Green and Orange.
  • £3.25
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