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Lewis & Irene | Snow Day

Our snowy collection with pretty pearl elements. Snow glistening on the trees and rooftops, sledging down hills and building the biggest snowman! Everyone love's a Snow Day!

Lewis & Irene - Snow Day Table Centre & Placemats

Part number: C40
Available in 2 colour ways: Icy blue and silver or Grey and gold.
  • £12.00

Lewis & Irene - Snow Day Stockings

Part number: C31
Available in 3 colour ways: Icy blue, Cream and Red.
  • £6.00

Lewis & Irene - Snow Day double border print

Part number: C41
Available in Silver.
  • £3.37

Lewis & Irene - Snow Day Houses

Part number: C36
Available in 3 colours - Silver, Icy Blue and Grey.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Sleigh Ride

Part number: C37
Available in 3 colours - White, silver and icy blue.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Snow Fall

Part number: C38
Available in dark cream.
  • £3.25
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