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Lewis & Irene | Spindrift

A mist of salty seaspray blown on the coastal summer breeze. Choppy waves on a sunny day.
Inspired by a trip to watch the whales around the San Juan Islands. A place where you feel as free as the ocean …

Lewis & Irene - Twirling Dolphins

Part number: A257
Available in 3 colours: Multi, blue and dark blue.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Puffin Pairs

Part number: A258
Available in 3 colours: Yellow, blue and grey.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Whale of a time

Part number: A259
Available in 3 colours: White, turquoise, and dark blue.
  • £2.87

Lewis & Irene - Spindrift

Part number: A260
Available in 3 colours: Pale blue, turquoise and dark blue.
  • £2.87

LIMITED TIME ONLY - 500g Scrap Bag

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Approx 500g scrap bag filled with fabric off cuts and pieces. £5.00 each. WHILE STOCKS LAST!
  • £5.00
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