Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis & Irene | The Water Meadow

A delightful follow up to our bestselling ‘Down by the River’ collection. This time with an Autumnal feel, featuring new friends such as the Water Vole, Dragonfly's and a murmuration of Starlings.
The colours inspired by the special sunsets at that time of year over … - Lewis & Irene.

Lewis & Irene - Down by the river

Part number: A321
Available in 2 colours: sunset and dusky blue.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Dragonfly

Part number: A322
Available in Sunset and Black.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Water Meadow

Part number: A323
Available in 2 colours: Green and Black.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Hare

Part number: A324
Available in 2 colours: Natural and Black.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Starling murmuration

Part number: A325
Available in 2 colours: Grey-blue, and Cream.
  • £3.12
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