Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis and Irene | Timsbury Lane

Pretty floral prints in pastel colours makes Timsbury Lane by Lewis and Irene.

Lewis & Irene | Paisley leaves (A016)

Part number: A016
Available in 2 colours: Lime and lilac.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene | Floral Spot (A015)

Part number: A015
Available in 3 colours: Lilac, blue and lime.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene | Roses (A019)

Part number: A019
Available in 3 colours: Lilac and coral, and red.
  • £2.75

Lewis & Irene | Floral Shadows (A017)

Part number: A017
Available in 3 colours: Blue, lilac and coral.
  • £2.75
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