Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Lewis & Irene | Viking Adventure

Inspired by a visit to Oslo in Norway and the Viking ship museum. Perfect for your little warriors, this fabric collection includes a digital double edge border print with ships and sea monsters! Set sail on the North Seas for your Viking Adventure...

Lewis & Irene - Viking Village

Part number: A376
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Peach and Blue grey.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Little Arrows

Part number: A377
Available in 2 colours: White, and Peach.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Vikings

Part number: A378
Available in 3 colours: Grey, Dark grey blue and Green.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Viking Adventure

Part number: A379
Available in 3 colours: White, Oat and Earthy Grey.
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Runes

Part number: A380
Available in Ochre
  • £3.12

Lewis & Irene - Viking Border Print

Part number: A381
Viking Border Print 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.12
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