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Beth Studley describes her Walkabout range as "A play with some of the elements I love in aboriginal art. Imperfection and simple lines and dots are features within the designs. The fabrics blend the earthy tones of the outback with more vibrant colours to lift the collection. Apart from the main prints which are bold and great for use larger projects, I have designed much of the collection with calm, supporting prints in mind using greys, creams and black.” 

Makower Fabric - Walkabout Spots

Available in Orange & Grey
  • Was £2.75
  • Now £1.38
Save £1.37
Valid until 31/12/2018

Makower Fabric - Dotty Line

Part number: F150494
Cotton Fabric with Curved Dotted Line
  • £2.75

Makower Fabric - Henna

Part number: F150495
Cotton Fabric with Wavy Line Print
  • £2.75

Makower - Linen Texture

Available in a wide variety of colours!
  • £2.50
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