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Sweet Bee Designs | Brooklyn

A fresh and modern collection designed by Kelly Parker Smith of Sweet Bee Designs -  "The Brooklyn collection was inspired by the city itself and the people who live there.  The quiet people in tiny apartments with big dreams and lots of plants!  People who leave their windows open so the breeze comes in and they can watch what’s going on down on the street below.  This collection is a nod to a simple life in a big city full of loud neighbors, fire escape picnics, and rooftop gardens."

Brooklyn | Floral Tapestry

Floral Tapestry in dark purple 100% cotton.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Subway Tile

Subway Tile in pink and orange 100% cotton.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | City Greens

City greens plant leaves 100% cotton.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Geo Blender

Available in 3 colours: Mint, Orange and Green.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Fire Escape

Fire escape 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Market Bouquet

Market Bouquet in dark purple 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Open Window

Open Window in orange 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Rain Shower

Rain Shower 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Back Terrace

Back Terrace 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Donut Holes

Donut Holes on dark purple 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Brooklyn | Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden flowers 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62
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