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Benartex | Dog On It

After her enormous hit with Cat-I-Tude, Ann began getting emails. “What about dogs?” the crowd wanted to know.  “How about equal coverage for DOGS!” So… Ann invented Dog On It. Aside from the cute name; the whimsical designs will make you smile, too. The collection includes a panel with some really fun dogs, and an equally fun group of coordinates so you can design and design to your heart’s content. Like Cat-I-Tude, this collection is meant to appeal to dog lovers everywhere, but we know the cat owners will love it too, because nothing says L-O-V-E  like fabrics that feature your pets, dog on it!

Benartex | Purrfect Together Panel

Part number: H171956
Purrfect Together 100% cotton cat panel by Benartex fabrics.
  • £8.50

Benartex | Dog On It Panel

Part number: H172338
Dog On It 100% cotton dog panel by Benartex fabrics.
  • £8.50
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