Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Benartex | Dragonfly Dance

This newest dragonfly collection will take your breath away! There is a luminous quality about the prints that makes them seem to glow and leap from the fabric. Enhanced with gold metallic, the colours are deep and rich giving a luxurious feel to this already premium cotton fabric. This small selection would be perfect made up into a cushion or bag! 

Benartex | Waterlily Pool

Available in 2 colours: Light Blue and Grey/Purple.
  • £3.62

Benartex | Breezy Waves

Benartex 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Benartex | Swirling Sky

Available in 2 colours: Navy and Charcoal Grey.
  • £3.62

Benartex | Pinwheel Geo

Available in 2 colours: Violet and Black & Grey.
  • £3.62
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