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Industrial Sewing Machine Piping Foot for Walking Foot Machines

Industrial Sewing Machine Piping Foot for Walking Foot Machines

S32 Piping Foot Set (S30 Inner + S31 Outer Foot)

  • S32 Piping Foot Set (S30 Inner + S31 Outer Foot)
  • S30 Inner Piping Foot
  • S31 Outer Piping Foot
£6.30 + VAT
£7.56 inc. VAT
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Size Price Units to Order
S32-1/8\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-5/32\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-3/16\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-1/4\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-5/16\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-3/8\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£14.33) £14.33
S32-1/2\" Piping Foot Set (Inner+Outer) (£15.18) £15.18
S30 Inner Piping Foot Only (£6.77) £6.77
S31-1/8\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-5/32\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-3/16\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-1/4\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-5/16\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-3/8\" Outer Piping Foot (£7.56) £7.56
S31-1/2\" Outer Piping Foot (£6.90) £6.90
S30-1/2\" Inner Piping Foot Only (for use with S31-1/2\") (£8.28) £8.28

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Industrial Walking Foot Machine Piping Feet, available in sizes 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2".

The following purchasing options are available above:

  • S32 = Complete Set, includes Inner and Outer Foot
  • S30 = Inner Foot Only
  • S31 = Outer Foot Only

You only need to purchase 1 x S30 Inner Foot per machine, as this can be used with any of the following sizes of Outer Foot - 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8".

For 1/2" piping, please use S30-1/2" Inner Foot with the S31-1/2" Outer Foot.

These Feet will fit the following machines:

Brother DB2-B837
Diamond ZJ0628
Seiko STW-8B & STH-8BLD
Singer 211
Toyota LS2-D324

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