Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd

Littondale | The Highlands

The Highlands Celtic range reflects the warm colours of the Scottish Highlands with purple heathers and dark orange bracken. 

Littondale | Stag Head Tossed

Part number: H172516
Stag Head tossed on purple check 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Littondale | Highland Cow Head Tossed

Part number: H172515
Highland Cow Head Tossed 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Littondale | Tossed Tartan Deer

Part number: H172518
Tossed Tartan Deer on Green 100% cotton fabric.
  • £3.62

Littondale | The Celtic Highland Panel

Part number: H172514
The Celtic Highland Panel 100% cotton fabric.
  • £13.00
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