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Lewis & Irene | Under the Oak Tree

Our ancient woodland is important to us and a constant source of inspiration. The New Forest is just a few miles from our office. Its habitat is home to so many species of plants and animals. Our hedgehog is back, by popular demand, and the whole fabric collection is a taste of our favourite woodland in Autumn. Shuffling through a thick carpet of fallen leaves is one of lifes simple pleasures at this time of year... - Lewis & Irene 

Lewis & Irene - Scattered Woodland

Part number: A394
Available in 3 colours: Acorn, Nut Brown and Mid Brown.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Clover

Part number: A395
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Wine and Darkest Brown.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Leaves

Part number: A396
Available in Plum.
  • £3.25

Lewis & Irene - Hedgehog Family

Part number: A397
Available in 3 colours: Cream, Burnt Orange and Darkest Brown.
  • £3.25
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