Hobkirk Sewing Machines Ltd


Siesta Finger Presser

Part number: LS-381
Siesta Finger Presser excellent for opening and folding a seam.
  • £3.48

Collar Extenders

Part number: 896.99
Instant relief from tight collars and waistbands.
  • £3.39

Cord Toggles

Part number: 459
Suitable for anoraks, sweaters, ski jackets, etc.
  • £1.60

Hemline Leather Coat Loops

Part number: 789
Genuine Strong Leather loops for hanging jackets etc.
  • £2.55

Hemline Zipper Puller

Part number: 164
Hemline Zipper Puller: Available in Silver and Bronze.
  • £2.05

Hemline Bib & Brace Set

Part number: 468.N
Hemline Bib & Brace set in nickel.
  • £2.69
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