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Zoje Industrial Machines

Zoje ZJ500 Portable Blind Hemmer

A lightweight portable blind stitch machine. Includes table clamp, knee operated arm, skip stitch facility, adjustable for flat bed or free arm and complete with tools and accessories.

Zoje ZJ0628 Heavy Duty Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

Zoje ZJ0628 heavy duty lockstitch industrial sewing machine

Zoje ZJ101 Blind Stitch (Blind Hem) Machine

Zoje ZJ101 blind-stitch (blind-hem) sewing machine

Zoje ZJ5780s Electronic Buttonhole Machine

Electronic lockstitch buttonhole machine with 30 built in buttonholes.

Zoje ZJ2290S-SR Electronic Zig-Zag Industrial Sewing Machine

For sewing light and medium materials. Perfect for straight stitch, standard zigzag, 2-step, 3-step, scallop and other decorative stitches

Zoje ZJ9503B Series Industrial Sewing Machine

Lockstitch industrial sewing machine with direct drive motor and needle positioning.

Zoje ZJ900 Series Industrial Overlock Machine

ZJ900 Series are premium machines suitable for light, medium or heavy materials.

Zoje ZJ9703AR Series Industrial Sewing Machine

Fully automatic direct drive machine with auto thread trim and auto footlifter

Zoje ZJ880 Series Overlock Machines

ZJ880 Series are suitable for the light, medium and heavy material, include knitting, underwear, jeans and bedding material etc.

Zoje ZJ8720A Twin Needle Industrial Sewing Machine

Twin needle industrial sewing machine, large capacity bobbin with reverse function and automatic oiling.

Zoje ZJ8750A Twin Needle Knock-Out Industrial Sewing Machine

2-needle lockstitch machine with split needles (Knock Out Needles) and large hooks, for medium and heavy materials.

Zoje ZJ26-1A Portable Bag Closing Machine

Bag closing machine for all kind's of materials - Paper, cotton, PP/PE, jute etc. Used for closing sacks and bags in many industries including potatoes, flour and animal feed mills, chemical factories
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